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Thursday, August 29, 2013

Sweet Redemption

            Today, I thought it would be fitting to give you a brief update and follow-up regarding a previous post of mine.  If you might recall, in the latter part of July, I had an unexpected garden disaster.  I could begin to explain, but instead I feel, like Inigo Montoya from 'The Princess Bride', "there is too much, so let me sum up.”

            For those of you who don’t remember or didn’t see that blog, you can find and read all about and enjoy it here:
            So in summary, we had returned home from vacation and noticed that a big rain and wind had completely knocked over our wonderfully growing corn.

            Well, being the stubborn old coot that I am, I wasn’t willing to give up on the corn so easily.  After looking over it sadly for a period of time, I decided to perform an intervention. With my son’s help, we watered the soil beneath the stalks to soften it up a bit, then pounded some stakes at the end of each row, between which we tied some strands of tightly pulled twine.
            We then gently and carefully lifted each stalk up to a more upright position and then wrapped another piece of twine around each stalk and tied it to the supporting twine along the side to help support and hold it up out of the dirt, and toward the light.  Then we had to step back, continue to water and monitor it, and hope that the corn would take root once again and be productive.

            Miraculously, with a little additional support, reintroduction to the proper soil, consistent watering and allowing it to be bathed in the warming and living light of the sun, it began to grow once again.

             Eventually, most, but not all, of the stalks stood tall and strong and tasseled-out with what appears to be a wonderfully good yield of ears of corn.

            Last night, some had ripened enough, that my wife picked and cooked some to go with our dinner, which also included peas and fresh red potatoes from the garden!  I couldn’t help but be grateful for the garden mercy we had been granted and the wonderful feast we were able to enjoy, and hope to continue to enjoy throughout the months ahead with continued fresh, canned and frozen vegetables that will come.

            Sadly, far too often in life, the gusting gales of trial knock us or those we love from their roots and leave us lying in despair.  But I am so grateful for the tender mercy and loving kindness of life’s Master Gardener!
            Our loving Heavenly Father and Savior, Jesus Christ will never give up on us!  We may suffer for a time until we are ready, under their gentle guidance, are able to be lifted back up by their power and guiding influence, held sure by the support  from family, friends and the principles of the gospel, and allowed to feel once again the light of The SON in our lives.
            I am thankful for the times the Lord has lovingly lifted me back up, and held me become productive once again.  And I am also grateful for those opportunities He has given me, to at times, be the supportive twine who is able to embrace and support those who may be struggling, until they once again have strength to stand on their own.
            May we all help lift, support, and strengthen each other, so that we can all rise together, to new heights of happiness, both here in this life, and in the eternities to come!