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Sunday, December 25, 2016

A Father's View of Christmas

A Father's View of Christmas

In this season of Christmas, our thoughts and feelings of gratitude are drawn towards the babe in Bethlehem, even Jesus Christ, our Lord of Lords and King of Kings, whose humble birth in a meager stable forever changed the world.  And that is where the focus of our worship and gratitude should be guided.

But as a father of three sons myself, I often find myself pondering as Christmas approaches and comes to a completion each year, of what Joseph (or Mary for that matter) must have felt as they traveled along that long, dusty road towards Bethlehem on the days and night before his birth.

Surely, there must have been moments of uncertainty, insecurity, and wonderment as to how they would be able to raise the child who was soon to come to them.  Being able to relate to Joseph (even if perhaps in only some small way), I imagine he too must have felt unready for the task and responsibility of raising a son that was truly not his own.

Although my three children were all born of my own lineage, I also realize that they are sons of a Heavenly Father before they were mine to raise here on earth.

I ask myself, "Why would a Heavenly Father, a Being of perfect righteousness, omniscience and power entrust the raising of His children to someone as imperfect and fallible as me?"  Surely Joseph, the simple carpenter pondered the same question.

But just like Joseph on those days, that Holy Night, and the weeks and years that followed, I move forward in my parental duties, doing the best I can to provide some meaningful insight to my children that will help them find and develop a meaningful relationship to their real Father.

At Christmas, among all the other things I consider, I also ponder about Joseph and what he experienced, and how he faithfully moved forward in his duties. And the example of how his Son turned out, gives me the motivation and hope that through His Son, my own sons also have a chance of turning out alright as well... despite my fatherly imperfections.

Merry Christmas!!!